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01 August 2010 @ 03:54 pm

I just checked the last post that I made and I said at one point that Doctor Who was about to start. The finale played last week. The unit of measurement for the amount of time passing between my lj posts is One Season of Doctor Who.

Speaking of, I absolutely adored Season 5. Matt Smith is so lovely, and Karen Gillam is fantastic. And Rory! Rory!!  Rory is the best character in existence. Best in the sense of favourite, but also in terms of goodness. He is the best. I think my favourite episde was The Lodger with James Corden and Lady Emily from Green Wing.

I love that the History Boys cast are all ending up in DW. I really want an episode with Andy Knott. Set in England in the early 1900s. Involving a secret garden.

It's kind of amazing when you compare earlier New Who, even season four, with season 5. The focus is so different. The production and direction seems better, maybe? Or maybe it's the  relief of having fun again with Doctor Who. Ten got so angsty by the end of it. Don't get me wrong, I love David Tennant's Doctor. But Season 5 is just so refreshing.  I always enjoyed Steven Moffatt's episodes, and I am so so SO excited for more Who to come.


I saw Inception. It was pretty awesome. I think I need to watch it again to make sure I understand it all. It's one of those films that makes you think about it for ages afterwards. I had an Inception-inspired dream after seeing it where Gemma Aderton for some reason was an ex-employee of my work and came into the shop and then we got chased through a mall by some kind sunglass-wearing team of baddies.
Work is going as per. Nothing particularly exciting to report there. I said to Lee the other day that I need either a boyfriend or a hobby - I need something to do. Lol. You know when you say things and you're only partly joking? Yeah.

Unfortunately, I get too bogged down in work that I don't feel like doing much more than watching The Vampire Diaries when I get home (I freaking love Vampire Diaries. It is too funny. I love that the vampire actually keeps a diary, and I love his snarky brother vampire, and I love that the main girl actually reacts in the right way and isn't all Bella Swan-y), and all the boys I know, I'm really not interested in.

Which reminds me of  a funny story. I got tricked into a date. A friend of mine, he kind of has this idea that we're going to end up dating if he can just engineer the right circumstances. I've known him pretty much since I moved to Wellington, and while he's a nice guy, it's really just not going to happen. It's the kind of situation where he dates other girls, but bitches about them to me behind their backs, and when he breaks up with them, texts me stuff like "I thought I should tell you that I broke up with my gf, lets hang out" and them bemoans the fact that now he's all bored and lonely and wants to be in a relationship again. It's really unsubtle and kind of annoying.  Anyway, we sometimes meet up for coffee because we live realtively near to each other, and as I say he's essentially a nice guy (apart from being a dick about his girlfriends and kind of pretentious) so when I got a text from him asking to go for coffee, I figured "Sure, no harm in that."  So I meet him in the usual little village between where we live, expecting a catch up with coffe for maybe no more than an hour, and he says "It's such a  nice day, we should go to the waterfront and make tyhe most of the sunshine".  I think, "Sounds plausible, sure". So we take the cable car into the city and wander along to the cafe area of the waterfront, but it's quite busy and nearing lunchtime. He says, "There's a nice cafe along Oriental Parade, we could try there and get some lunch". It's about 12.30,  we've been walking around for about an hour and a half, so this seems like an innocent suggestion at this point. So we walk around to the beachy sunday-afternoon outing part of the Wellington waterfront, surounded by families and rollerblading couples and dog-walkers etc. The cafe he wants to go to is pretty busy so we kill some time by getting gelato, and then grab an outdoor table. The waiter rocks up and gives us brunch menus, and I suddenly realise: wait a second, how did this go from "Lets grab a coffee and catch up" to sitting at a cute little cafe at the waterfront in the sunshine HAVING BRUNCH????

I texted Lee that I was accidentally on a date with this guy and she just laughed and laughed.

I was hoping that I was jumping to conclusions but then he tried to kiss me goodbye and I just really awkwardly waved at him in front of my face when he leaned in.

The thing that sucks the most is that had it been a guy I was actually interested in, it would have been a really nice date to go on.


I had a lovely catch up with Sarah today (Hello Sarah, look I updated my blog!) and met her super friend Raquel who is really cool and we should totally hang out some more.

Now I'm at home again and we're going to watch the finale of Doctor Who again because aimeesworld  hasn't seen it yet. I really do not mind XD
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28 April 2010 @ 10:47 pm
Guys, guys last night Lee (strangrfiction ), Anne (annemjw ) and I saw John Mayer in concert in Wellington! It was awesome! I am unashamedly a fan, I admit it. John Mayer is amazing live. And we were in a spot where we were close enoigh to see him clearly, but on an angle so we didn't get distracted by his weird gobby mouth as he sings, lol. He was really funny and not douche-y at all. Hooray!

I'm watching a comedy gala thing on TV that's hosted by Rove, and he just gave us a synopsis of Twilight. He has discovered why the Twilight books are so popular, and "basically, it's because Vampires are hot. The main vampire, Doug, not only is he totally hot, he's also totally awesome at baseball, and if you invite him to a party and hang him from the ceiling, when the sun hits him, the cat lights up like a mirror ball. And in the second book, he makes a mix tape for his girlfriend. O. M. G. How dreamy is Doug the Vampire? I wouldn't mind getting impaled by him myself, if you know what I mean. Sex. I mean sex."  I love Rove.

in other news, I went to Armageddon a while ago and met Paul McGann. He was so lovely. I was going to get a signed photo of him as The Doctor (to go with my Peter Davison autograph) but when I got to the table where he was signing, there were a bunch of Doctor Who pictures and one Hornblower picture, and (Anne says this was adorable, but I am mildly embarrassed by it, lol) I kind of went "Omigod Hornblower!" and Paul McGann kind of chuckled and I said "Oh no, now I have to choose! Doctor Who or Hornblower!" and Paul McGann was all "Go on, get a Hornblower one" and I said "I think I'm going to have to!"

Anne was a bad influence at Armageddon, actually. She was like my little shoulder devil, telling me that I absolutely should buy a set of three daleksCollapse )

I have kind of been avoiding Livejournal lately, because I really don't want to be spoiled for new Doctor Who. It starts on NZ tv this Sunday (!!!!)

In other news I have a new job, which is much more fun that my old job. I'm working for Wishbone with my friend Sarah, and it seems to be going well. The only downside is that the way the roster works, for half the week I open the store at 7am, which means I have to get up by 5.30am to make sure I can be up in time to walk 15mins to the bus stop to get there in time. It's more tiring on those days just because I am up so early, even though I finish at 3pm for that shift that when I'm on closing, which is 8.15 - 6.15.

I've been playing a secret game at work. We are right in the CBD, so we get a lot of men in business-y suits come in, and so each time a see someone wearing a tie that corresponds to one of the Hogwarts houses, I give them house points. So far this week, Ravenclaw is in the lead, with Slytherin in second place and Hufflepuff in third. I was surprised to actually see two people this week wearing red and yellow striped ties. Lol, I am so lame. >_<

And on that note, I'd better go to bed soon since I have such an early start in the morning.

Later kids

Oh, and I don't know if this is true, but I think I saw Orlando Bloom the other day. I saw a guy and I remember thinking "Haha, that guy looks like Orlando Bloom! LOL" and then Sarah said at work the next day that her friend ahd served him in a shop, so I'm thinking that maybe it actually was Orlando Bloom. So random, lol.
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18 March 2010 @ 09:57 pm
I totally forgot to tell this story, haha. A few weeks ago now I had a really detailed dream in which I somehow went back in time to some kind of conglomeration of the Victorian period and Jane Austen films (lol) and was basically adopted by a really nice family and ended up living with them quite happily. It was basically a self-insert Austen-fic, hehehe. But the best part was that I had a cunning plan for all of my friends who were still trucking along as per in the future. I collected a whole bunch of first edition books and went around meeting authors and getting signed copies, and then I parcelled them all up and sorted it so that they were left to my friends in the future with a letter from me that they recieved just after I vanished into the past (like in the Doctor Who episode "Blink" with Sally Sparrow and her friend). So, if I ever do randomly get sent into the past, which first editions/signatures would you like me to collect for you? If you went back in time, when and where would you like to go? Who would you like to meet?

Anne is visiting at the moment. She is super cool. We had a delicious lamb stir-fry for dinner made with Silver Fern lamb, which is the really good kind that used to be only exported and is now the best and strawberry gelato for dessert. We always have fancy dinner when we've just been grocery shopping, lol.

Also, I believe I said I would post some photos :P

These are some pics I just took of the really pretty sunset from out of our lounge windowCollapse )Totally awesome, right? She's not even into Doctor Who, she just knows that we are, lol. 

We are watching Project Runway. It's so much fun XD
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14 March 2010 @ 10:35 pm

So I figured I shuld probably do a proper update here. Lee (the_turtlemoves ) and I are now flatting with the ever-lovely aimeesworld  at a proper house in an actual suburb, lol. It is so so nice not living in our old grimy broken apartment in the middle of the city. The view here is gorgeous.  I will endeavour to take some photos for you so you can all be jealous.

We had a really fun flatwarming, too. It was Time Travel themed, so Lee went as the Tenth Doctor, Aimee as Hermione Granger from Prisoner of Azkaban, and I was Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Good times (aha lame puns!)

Speaking of lame puns, a bunch of us have been playing an RP called Scion, the premise of which is that the Gods are real, and our characters are all the children of gods. It's a bit like Percy Kacson, and it's ridiculously fun. Everyone is a bit geeky about classics and story tropes so it's a bit silly. My character, for example, is Jonathan Hart, the son of Aprodite, a fact which he finds mildly embarrassing. It's really fun getting him into situations where he has to seduce his way out of. XD Anyway, after we saw Percy Jackson, we decided that we should get stunting dice (yes, it's a dice-based role playing game. Don't judge me.) for making really lame Horatio Cane-style puns in the midst of battle.

I've got to say this now, because I'm sitting in the lounge and it's happening as I speak. I love whoever the person is who is deciding what shows to play on Prime tv. Seriously, right now we are watching a segment that is actually marketed as "The Stephen Fry Hour". How cool is that? Just finished watching Last Chance to See (next week's episode is the one when he came to New Zealand and Aimee and myself tried to stalk him via his Twitter updates as he tried to find a power cord for his ipod) and now we are watching QI.  Sunday nights are the best, because Bones is also on. ^_^

Yesterday we went to an interview with Neil Gaiman. He is a cool guy. He's a really good speaker, actually, he divulges a lot and is really interesting. He did a few readings too, his poem Locks, an unpublished poem about murder and the english seaside on the off-season, and a really really previously-never-before-been-read-in-public poem that he had written about ten days ago about The Island of Iona and Siant Columba and Saint Odhran. Man, it was cool. He also read an extract from American Gods (Sam Black Crow's speech about all the things she believes in). All in all, it was a good evening.

Our friend Anna came up from Christchurch especially for the talk, because she is Neil Gaiman's biggest fan ever. It was really great to hang out with her, she is so much fun.

My favourite thing at the moment is A Very Potter Musical. I absolutely cannot get enough of that show, and the music, and anything related to those kids. They are all so awesome. Totally awesome, in fact.

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17 February 2010 @ 12:19 am

New part up at Between the Lines! For all my lovely new LJ friends (Hello, btw!) Between the Lines is a Harry Potter fanfic written by myself and the lovely the_turtlemoves  based around that mostly unexplored period in the Potter-verse, the 80s. Picture it now - neon, new-wave, shoulder pads, punk, rubik's cubes ... and BILL WEASLEY! It's a magical combination (aha, puns!).

But there are serious elements, too. Beginning in fifth year (because teenagers are more fun than first years), the story follows the (mis)adventures of eight kids who grew up during Voldemort's first reign of terror, and attend Hogwarts in its aftermath. They, alongside the usual trials and tribulations of adolescence, have to deal with the narrow-mindedness of others and their own personal prejudices. Not to mention the formidable potions master, Professor Severus Snape.

Check it out! Let us know what you think! We'll love you forever!

(Also, yeah, I totally just copy/pasted that decription from the first summary I wrote for BTL >_<)
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Ok, so I know I haven't updated in a while, but in lieu of a real update I just had to share the most ridiculous bus ride I have ever experienced. Lee and I just caught the bus back from Aimee's and, since it was about 11pm on a saturday night, there were a whole bunch of people heading into town. At one of the stops, a mob of youngish drunk boys got on the bus, being understandbly rowdy. They started off singing the theme song to Home and Away at the top of their lungs, and then went into some kind of call-and-answer drinking chant thing where they listed facts about their friends. They were singing about a girl who was on the bus that they knew, and one of the facts was "Your vast knowledge of Harry Potter trivia" which was funny in itself (esp. since Lee and I are geeks about Harry Potter generally). Then one of the boys wanted her to prove her Harry Potter knowledge, and challenged her to name the four founders of Hogwarts, which she did. After this, one of the guys began conducting a Harry Potter Trivia quiz for the whole bus.

"What is the name of Fred and George's joke shop in Diagon Alley?"

"Name the seven Horcruxes!"

"What's the name of Hagrid's half-brother?"

"Name both of Draco Malfoy's parents!"

Then they decided to do a trivia quiz about one of their friends, the first question of  which was asked to the boy himself: "What's your favourite mythological creature? I guess... CENTAUR!"

Seriously, it was the most ridiculously geeky public drunken behaviour I have ever encountered. So funny XD

Felt a bit sorry for the bus driver, though, lol.
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10 December 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Just stopping by to say thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I had a really fun day :D

And also, there's a new part up at Between the Lines if you guys feel like heading over and checking it out :)
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04 December 2009 @ 11:34 am

So Waters of Mars played on NZ tv last sunday, and aimeesworld and annemjw came round to watch it with me and the_turtlemoves . I was asked my thoughts in a comment on punkfunkdisco 's lj, but my reply got so huge that I thought I'd just post it here instead, lol.

We had Dalek and Cybermen biscuits (cookies, for American readers) and a cake with TARDIS on it. I don't know if you can see it, but the Cybermen have little angry faces XD

T A R D I S - Time and Relative Dimension In Space!You would defeat us with four Daleks? We Would Defeat You With ONE Dalek!

I really really enjoyed the episode. It was different and worrisome and such a good episode to lead up to the final two-parter. I think a lot of fandom-y people are annoyed about it, because of the way the Doctor chose to act (in terms of plot, not actual acting, because I'm sure everyone can agree that David Tennant was superb). But I really liked the character development in that episode, and particularly because it highlights how much the Doctor really needs a companion. It would've been a competely different episode if the Doctor had had someone outside of the event to talk to, and someone to keep him doing the right thing. I really like Waters of Mars in that respect, because it builds on all the losses the Doctor has suffered in New Who, specifically - the time war, losing Rose twice, the effect he had on Martha's life and family, the Master's death and of course Donna's tragic ending at the end of series 4. It makes sense in terms of character and plot development, and really builds the tension for the Ten's regeneration into Eleven. I just hope that the events of End of Time ensure that Eleven isn't as emo as Ten is at the moment.

Speaking of Eleven, I think it would be super fun if the new companion is from the 90s, not least because of the many opportunities for Billie Piper jokes 90s nostalgia, but also because I think it would be a smart move to have a character who hasn't experienced all of the crazy events that have happened so far in the New Who present. She'd have no knowledge of Daleks, Cybermen, the ATMOS craziness, or the stolen earth arc, which I think might be nicely refreshing for the Doctor, and a clever way to be able to re-explain all of these things to the audience and plausibly reintroduce the daleks etc again.

After watching the episode, Lee, Anne and I listened to the podcast commentary by Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and David Tennant, which was quite interesting, because a lot of what they came up with as discussion about the episode was stuff we had just been saying. I love how David Tennant is the biggest fanboy, too. And his comments seemed more in line with what the fans would be thinking about, where Russell T Davies was more focussed, I think, on what works from a storytelling perspective.


Lee got back from Australia and brought all sorts of goodies with her. She gave me Being Human on dvd as an early birthday present (yay!!), and had also bought Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, so now between us we have the first four seasons. And for her birthday (which was December 1st) I got her Season 1 of Pushing Daisies, so we've been watching a lot of TV series lately. ^_^

Tonight I am going to see Titus Andronicus, as performed by the Long Cloud theatre group. I haven't seen Titus before, so I'm quite excited.There's a huge bunch of us going, which will be fun.

A while ago we went to Ophelia Thinks Harder which is a play by NZ playwright Jean Betts. It was really good, despite being overtly feminist. It was kind of like how Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead works in that it is happens in and around the plot of Hamlet, but focuses on Ophelia instead. Hamlet was a total douche which is nicely in-character, and Ophelia got all of his awesome lines before he got to say them. Horatio was in love with Ophelia and so got all of the well-known romantic speeches from a bunch of Shakespeare's other plays, and even wrote Ophelia a sonnet or two. It was fantastic, he pulled out a handkerchief at one point to give to Ophelia and we cracked up laughing. It was really quite sweet, though.And Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were women disguised as men. At the end, Ophelia fakes her death and runs off with Horatio to the band of travelling actors. It was cute and funny and lots of fun.

I'm doubting that Titus Andronicus will be cute or funny, but I hope it will be fun nonetheless. XD

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17 November 2009 @ 09:30 am
I am so excited! Just found out when the new Doctor Who episode is screening in New Zealand! The Waters of Mars will be shown on Sunday 29th November at 7.30pm on Prime.

I'm hopeful that this means Prime will be equally quick (and awesome) and pick up the rest of the specials, and the new season.

Oh I am so keen for this! If any of you Wellington peeps want to make an evening of this, let me know XDDDDD
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Just a quick note that there's a mini update over at Between the Lines. Head on over and check it out (please)!
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