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01 August 2010 @ 03:54 pm
So yeah, it's been a while. Whoops.  

I just checked the last post that I made and I said at one point that Doctor Who was about to start. The finale played last week. The unit of measurement for the amount of time passing between my lj posts is One Season of Doctor Who.

Speaking of, I absolutely adored Season 5. Matt Smith is so lovely, and Karen Gillam is fantastic. And Rory! Rory!!  Rory is the best character in existence. Best in the sense of favourite, but also in terms of goodness. He is the best. I think my favourite episde was The Lodger with James Corden and Lady Emily from Green Wing.

I love that the History Boys cast are all ending up in DW. I really want an episode with Andy Knott. Set in England in the early 1900s. Involving a secret garden.

It's kind of amazing when you compare earlier New Who, even season four, with season 5. The focus is so different. The production and direction seems better, maybe? Or maybe it's the  relief of having fun again with Doctor Who. Ten got so angsty by the end of it. Don't get me wrong, I love David Tennant's Doctor. But Season 5 is just so refreshing.  I always enjoyed Steven Moffatt's episodes, and I am so so SO excited for more Who to come.


I saw Inception. It was pretty awesome. I think I need to watch it again to make sure I understand it all. It's one of those films that makes you think about it for ages afterwards. I had an Inception-inspired dream after seeing it where Gemma Aderton for some reason was an ex-employee of my work and came into the shop and then we got chased through a mall by some kind sunglass-wearing team of baddies.
Work is going as per. Nothing particularly exciting to report there. I said to Lee the other day that I need either a boyfriend or a hobby - I need something to do. Lol. You know when you say things and you're only partly joking? Yeah.

Unfortunately, I get too bogged down in work that I don't feel like doing much more than watching The Vampire Diaries when I get home (I freaking love Vampire Diaries. It is too funny. I love that the vampire actually keeps a diary, and I love his snarky brother vampire, and I love that the main girl actually reacts in the right way and isn't all Bella Swan-y), and all the boys I know, I'm really not interested in.

Which reminds me of  a funny story. I got tricked into a date. A friend of mine, he kind of has this idea that we're going to end up dating if he can just engineer the right circumstances. I've known him pretty much since I moved to Wellington, and while he's a nice guy, it's really just not going to happen. It's the kind of situation where he dates other girls, but bitches about them to me behind their backs, and when he breaks up with them, texts me stuff like "I thought I should tell you that I broke up with my gf, lets hang out" and them bemoans the fact that now he's all bored and lonely and wants to be in a relationship again. It's really unsubtle and kind of annoying.  Anyway, we sometimes meet up for coffee because we live realtively near to each other, and as I say he's essentially a nice guy (apart from being a dick about his girlfriends and kind of pretentious) so when I got a text from him asking to go for coffee, I figured "Sure, no harm in that."  So I meet him in the usual little village between where we live, expecting a catch up with coffe for maybe no more than an hour, and he says "It's such a  nice day, we should go to the waterfront and make tyhe most of the sunshine".  I think, "Sounds plausible, sure". So we take the cable car into the city and wander along to the cafe area of the waterfront, but it's quite busy and nearing lunchtime. He says, "There's a nice cafe along Oriental Parade, we could try there and get some lunch". It's about 12.30,  we've been walking around for about an hour and a half, so this seems like an innocent suggestion at this point. So we walk around to the beachy sunday-afternoon outing part of the Wellington waterfront, surounded by families and rollerblading couples and dog-walkers etc. The cafe he wants to go to is pretty busy so we kill some time by getting gelato, and then grab an outdoor table. The waiter rocks up and gives us brunch menus, and I suddenly realise: wait a second, how did this go from "Lets grab a coffee and catch up" to sitting at a cute little cafe at the waterfront in the sunshine HAVING BRUNCH????

I texted Lee that I was accidentally on a date with this guy and she just laughed and laughed.

I was hoping that I was jumping to conclusions but then he tried to kiss me goodbye and I just really awkwardly waved at him in front of my face when he leaned in.

The thing that sucks the most is that had it been a guy I was actually interested in, it would have been a really nice date to go on.


I had a lovely catch up with Sarah today (Hello Sarah, look I updated my blog!) and met her super friend Raquel who is really cool and we should totally hang out some more.

Now I'm at home again and we're going to watch the finale of Doctor Who again because aimeesworld  hasn't seen it yet. I really do not mind XD
Music: Darren Criss - Ducktales Theme Song cover
miss_mad_hattermiss_mad_hatter on August 1st, 2010 04:33 am (UTC)
zomg! I'm really cool? Haha thanks =). Currently at work and checking out yo' blog in between writing an essay and handling books haha. It was awesome to meet you today! And I agree, we should totally hang out some more.
kinoko: Doctor Who - Ten {are you my mummy?}sevthebat on August 1st, 2010 06:18 am (UTC)
Roryyyyy. ♥ I was surprised this when the Doctor cordially invited Rory to come along (seeing as Nine and Ten were total relationship killers) and then proceeded to take him and Amy out on dates. TIME-TRAVEL ADVENTURE DATES!

For serious, the men in this season rule. I need an Eleven icon.

And that trick-date sounds adorable, awkward as I'm sure it was for you. The politics of friendspace is so confusing!
sherbert0lemon: DW - Doctor winksherbert0lemon on August 8th, 2010 10:31 am (UTC)
I LOVE Rory. I can't even explain how much I love him.

Relationship killers is exactly the phrase to describe Nine and Ten, lol. Poor old Mickey.

It's just so nice to have a break from all the emo and have a nice happy "everybody lives" season where the companions don't get shafted at the end, and we don't finish witht he lonely god image that became inevitable with Ten.
annemjw: pfsc bear rapeannemjw on August 1st, 2010 10:29 am (UTC)
They are a total OT3 and it makes me very happy :)

I really want that thing I txted you to happen, it would be too perfect.

And now I may have to watch some Firefly.
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [who] screwdriverthedoingofit on August 6th, 2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
I ADORE Rory! I really didn't like him for the first few episodes, and I wasn't sure how he was going to be able to compete with the Doctor (as far as Amy goes, I mean) because, really, who can? BUT THEN HE TOTALLY DID. And was totally AWESOME. So yeah. I'm sold. :o)

And yes please to Andy Knott in DW!!
sherbert0lemon: THB - Scripps Smilesherbert0lemon on August 8th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
Right?! The History Boys should be in everything.

Pretty much everytime I watch a fun movie or see a cool actor, I think to myself "They should be in Doctor Who." Or if I'm watching a cool show, I think "This should crossover with Doctor Who." Doctor Who is a story that can be crossed over with anything, and I love it, lol. It means that there is so much scope for storytelling in the actual canon.

I read a story once (or was told about a story once) where Hermione's bag from Deathly Hallows that was bigger on the inside was actually a kind of portal to the TARDIS and all of the books and crap she was keeping in there were just being dropped into the TARDIS. Finally the Doctor got pissed off with it and pulled the trio down into it and hilarity ensued.
I forgot my name, and drowned.: [deadwood] the family ellsworththedoingofit on August 8th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
where Hermione's bag from Deathly Hallows that was bigger on the inside was actually a kind of portal to the TARDIS
THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. I don't suppose you remember where you found it?? *crosses fingers*

And yes. The History Boys should indeed be in everything. <333
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